LDWF Website Survey


LDWF is developing a new website to better meet our users’ needs. We invite you to complete the survey below to let us know how we can improve and address any issues you might have with the current website, which is located at: www.wlf.louisiana.gov.


On a scale of 1-10, how would you rate the department's current website? (1 being the lowest and 10 being the highest)
1. Is it easy to find seasons and regulations on the current website?
2. Is it easy to purchase a license through the current website?
3. How would you rate the content of our website?
4. What content is missing?
5. How would you rate the appearance of our website?
6. Do you consider the website to be:
7. How would you rate the navigation of our website?
8. Is there anything that is hard to find in the navigation?
9. How would you rate the functionality of our website?
10. What is the number one thing you are looking for on the website? Is it easy to find now?
11. How would you rate the usability of our website?
12. What part of the website do you rely on most?
13. How can we improve our website?
14. Pick three adjectives that apply to the current website:
15. What other word would you use to describe the website?
16. What’s your affiliation with the department?
17. If you are an employee, how long have you worked here?
18. Age
19. Gender
20. Education
­21. How does your experience with LDWF compare to similar agencies in other states?
­22. In what ways, if any, has your opinion of the department changed in the last 2-3 years?
23. How can the department better serve its constituents?
­24. When the Volvo brand is mentioned, you may think "safe and stable" or "boxy and over-priced." If the Nike brand is mentioned, you may think "performance" or the slogan, "Just do it." Using a few words, describe the key elements of what we do.
25. If the department had a mascot, what would it be and why?
­26. What three things come to mind when you think about the department?