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You want to think out of the box, go out on a ledge, or maybe just get your message out there. Taking a risk can be difficult. That’s why you need a risk-taker in your corner. You might want an innovative product on the web—something that’s never been done before. Maybe you need a campaign to promote your company or announce a new endeavor. We can do that.

Our process is as unique as your problem. We don’t “save as.” We don’t use a formula. We draw from our canvas of experience—whether you need a website, graphic design, investor communications, public relations, an advertising campaign, videos, brand management or help in a crisis—we’ve got you covered. We’re nimble enough to respond to your needs and diligent enough to get the job done.


For us, it’s personal. And personnel.

We believe that two heads are better than one. You’ll find us bouncing ideas off each other all day long to get to another right answer. Because one approach is not enough. We explore possibilities and options until you’re satisfied. You can’t learn what we do in a classroom (though our people *love* to get degrees), so it’s the experiences—all of them—that count. Our wide variety of backgrounds, past lives and time travel adventures drive our ability to innovate. But, former experience as a barista is always a plus!

Stafford Wood
Jean Grey
Stafford Wood

Stafford Wood


  • Thinks 19th century Russian literature is light reading.
  • Is a philomath and practically Wikipedia incarnate.
  • Discusses proper punctuation in her teacher voice.
As co-founder and principal of Covalent Logic, an integrated communications firm, Stafford Wood has received numerous advertising, public relations, design and website awards, as well as personally chosen as Junior Achievement and Business Report's Young Businessperson of the Year in 2012. Having worked as a programmer, graphic designer and webmaster, she prides herself in hiring people who are much, much better than she is in every team member at Covalent. Stafford enjoys public speaking and working with organizations to spark new ideas and build efficiencies.

Stafford is a Phi Beta Kappa graduate of LSU in Political Science with a minor in Eastern European, Soviet and Russian Area Studies... which Kelsey Wall defined as a degree in Eccentric Studies.

Daniel Duvic
Silver Surfer
Daniel Duvic

Daniel Duvic

Creative Director

  • Obsessed with reading and critiquing billboards.
  • Loves to give advice he’d never actually take.
  • Not-so-secretly obsessed with Antiques Roadshow.

Daniel provides art direction and management to Covalent Logic’s team of designers, overseeing their concurrent projects across a variety of media. His creative knowledge combined with focused organizational skills allow him to simultaneously usher other designers’ projects along while also managing and creating his own. Daniel’s deep understanding of the problem solving nature inherent to design work makes him not only a valuable creative asset but also a relevant critical thinker.

Daniel has worked for several Baton Rouge-based companies, including serving as Art Director at Diane Allen and Associates from 2006 to 2013. He most recently served as Creative Director of Marucci Sports. He graduated from the Savannah College of Art and Design with a Bachelor in Fine Arts in graphic design.

Rachel Totaro
Black Widow
Rachel Totaro

Rachel Totaro

Major Account Services Dir.

  • Will never eat a PB&J sandwich, no matter how much you offer to pay her.
  • Is still convinced that her Hogwarts letter is in the mail.
  • Wants to go on Family Wheel of Fortune with her dad more than any other TV/quiz show.

As our senior content manager, Rachel diligently explores and negotiates client needs while managing and curating online content for globally renowned companies. Her previous experience and amiable attitude allow her to efficiently split her time between content and client services projects.

Rachel received her B.A. in Mass Communication from Louisiana State University in 2011 and spent much of that year working as a legislative and communications intern at AARP. She gained valuable experience from other nonprofit organizations as a lobbyist, program developer and fundraiser director, all of which helps her to better understand client goals and requests.

Stacey Vincent
Stacey Vincent

Stacey Vincent

Interactive Director

  • Has never met a mixed metaphor she didn't like.
  • Believes in bold color choices or none at all.
  • Never succeeds in keeping her desk tidy for more than 5 minutes. Ever.

As one of the founding members, Stacey has been with Covalent since its inception in 2005. She is deeply committed to leading the creative team with passion and vision. Equally adept at both print and Web design, Stacey's diverse skill set and traditional design background enable her to develop quality solutions for both media. Her work has received multiple awards including the Business Report's Technology & Web Awards Website of the Year as well as regional and international awards of Excellence and Distinction from The Communicator Print Media Awards, Lantern Awards and Public Relations Society of America Awards.

Stacey has worked with a variety of clients across many industries including healthcare, athletics, hospitality, government and many more. She graduated from Louisiana State University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in graphic design and has more than 15 years of experience in the industry.

Stephen Adkins
Stephen Adkins

Stephen Adkins

Front-End Developer

  • Loves to travel and has been to over 10 states and 3 countries.
  • A self-proclaimed “nerd” who loves comics and manga, especially One Piece and Spiderman.
  • Enjoys cooking and the endless potential to create new things or add a twist to his favorite recipes.

As a front-end developer, Stephen uses his knowledge of JavaScript and server-side code to bring to life the designs and concepts of Covalent Logic’s designers.

His ability to swiftly implement developer changes to various sites and softwares makes him a valuable asset to Covalent Logic. Stephen graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from Southeastern Louisiana University.

Before starting at Covalent Logic in November 2015, Stephen previously consulted for multiple fortune 500 companies while working for IBM. He brings a wealth of knowledge in front-end design and development, back-end infrastructure, and implementation of external APIs.

Julie Donald
Julie Donald

Julie Donald

Public Relations Specialist

  • Dresses up when she flies because it’s such a special day!
  • Believes all dogs go to heaven.
  • Is a morning person and doesn't understand why everyone else isn’t.

After 5 years in hospitality and tourism, Julie has traded in her heels for steel toe boots. She now spends her days at a construction site to manage internal communications, public relations and marketing for a major international client.

Julie has experience in an agency setting as well as in corporate communications, giving her a well-rounded view of the public relations landscape. She has written about a wide range of topics including fishing spots on the Louisiana coast, game day programs, landscape features at community parks, and LSU’s 150 years of history. Julie received her B.A. in Mass Communication at Louisiana State University, with a concentration in public relations (and a minor in tailgating).

Emily Mistrzak


Emily Mistrzak

Emily Mistrzak

Content Manager

  • Fearless baker — usually successful.
  • Celebrated her 25th birthday by tilting out of the Hancock Tower at a height of 1,000 feet.
  • Passionately loves the Tigers, Saints, Indians and Blackhawks.

Emily’s diverse background in performance and communication studies, along with her experience as a playwright and director, blend into the perfect mix of diligence, focus and creativity that allow her to optimally manage a wide range of information for Covalent Logic’s clients. As content manager, Emily focuses primarily on distributing content internally for a global client with services in over 90 countries.

Emily previously worked for a global brokerage firm in Chicago, where she lived for several years prior to moving back to Louisiana.  She holds a master’s in communication studies from Louisiana State University and taught public speaking at LSU while completing her degree.

Victoria Postway
Invisible Woman
Victoria Postway

Victoria Postway

Content Coordinator

  • Is the youngest of three and the only one to ever move out of state.
  • Can play several instruments but not very well.
  • Frequently attempts multiple DIY home décor projects.
Victoria’s enthusiastic and helpful personality combined with her customer service experience make her the right person to supervise Covalent Logic’s busy office. Her communication skills and knowledge of organizational upkeep keep Covalent Logic’s office running smoothly. Victoria studied Visual communications at the Art-Institute of Ohio – Cincinnati. She previously worked for Time Warner Cable and in residential sales.
Cody Roussel
Cody Roussel

Cody Roussel

Web Designer

  • Designs bonfires to burn on the levee during the holidays.
  • Enjoys a smooth bourbon while beating his pals at video games.
  • Loves the show Firefly. Browncoats Unite!

Cody is meticulous and focused, just as a web designer should be. With more than eight years of experience in the field, he uses his wealth of knowledge and innovative thinking to provide clients with cutting-edge products that meet their specific needs.

Cody graduated Cum Laude from Southeastern Louisiana University with a Bachelor of Arts in digital design. He later completed Louisiana State University’s Continuing Education program for web design. He spent seven years working as an in-house graphic and web designer for a local print shop before joining Covalent Logic’s team.

Trae Russell

Ghost Rider

Trae Russell

Trae Russell

Production Manager

  • Can't ever let a Rubik's cube go unsolved.
  • Addicted to Spotify and makes Spotify playlists in his free time
  • Has cruised the Greek Islands

With over 23 years in marketing and communications, Trae has done it all. From marketing coordinator to creative manager, webmaster to advertising sales-- you name it, he’s probably done it. Creative and efficient, he is uniquely suited to his role as Production Manager.

Trae ensures that our team works seamlessly through every step from proposal to campaign evaluation helping us to provide our clients the best product. He coordinates individuals with varying talents and manages workflow so that each project meets our high standards and our clients’ needs.

Alexandra Sevier
Alexandra Sevier

Alexandra Sevier

Sr. Account Manager

  • J-walking is a way of life.
  • New York-style pizza and bagels will always have a special place in her diet.
  • Distance doesn’t matter when it comes to getting her Dunkin Donuts’ iced coffee.

Alexandra recently brought her East-Coast experience and positive attitude to Covalent Logic. After graduating from Hofstra University on Long Island, she worked for six years as a multi-project manager for various agencies in Manhattan. Her work for Mercedes Benz Fashion Week,, Three Olives Vodka and various retail stores left her with an impressive legacy of happy clients and phenomenal productions.

Alexandra works with an “it-can-be-done-we-just-have-to-figure-out-how” mentality and performs best under pressure. Her challenge-oriented outlook makes her the perfect account manager for ambitious clients. She is most proud of her previous work on the “Valentine’s Day with Justin Bieber” event.

Carli Graf
Carli Graf

Carli Graf

Account Manager

  • Passion for interior design and decorating.
  • Was the mascot for her high school. Go Pioneers!
  • Loves learning random facts and is always up for a game of trivia.

Carli uses her quick thinking and knowledge of different content types to keep information flowing smoothly and swiftly through detailed implementation processes. Carli began working for Covalent Logic in September 2014 as a content coordinator, where she ensures the accuracy and quality of content for a global brand with services in over 90 countries. She received a Bachelor of Arts degree in public relations from Louisiana State University and has previous experience as a project manager at FUSE Entertainment.

Darren Vincent
Captain America
Darren Vincent

Darren Vincent

Sr. Graphic Designer

  • Honorary Autobot - don't ask.
  • Believes in doing it right or not at all.
  • Thinks hard work should be rewarded with a game of disc golf.

Darren brings more than 14 years of experience in brand cultivation and illustration to Covalent Logic. His architectural sensibility helps him to see beyond the aesthetic and into the practical, making Darren particularly invaluable to his clients.

Darren’s design work has included graphics and illustration for signage, packaging, magazine layout, illustration, digital (photo manipulation), identity, corporate communication, tradeshow materials and informational design. His skills have been utilized in everything from logos, stationery and brochures to magazines, banners and billboards. Darren’s clients include Genesis Energy, Our Lady of Mercy and the Downtown Development District. He graduated from Louisiana State University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in graphic design.

Mollie Williams
Mollie Williams

Mollie Williams

Web Developer

  • Never believed in Santa Claus because she was a logical-thinking child... but Big Foot is definitely roaming the streets somewhere out there.
  • Quoted Anchorman in her high school graduation speech.
  • Was named after a dog.

Mollie’s vivid imagination and colorful style combined with her knowledge of web development make her the perfect combination of art and technology for Covalent Logic. As web developer, she works with designers and Covalent Logic’s art director to help create and implement clients’ visions.

After starting as an intern, Mollie became a full-time member of the team following her graduation from Louisiana State University where she earned her Bachelor of Arts degree. Her eclectic work background includes marketing intern for The NeuroMedical Center in Baton Rouge and director of promotions and DJ at 91.1 FM KLSU. She also spent time studying abroad at the University of Urbino in Italy.

Sally Wood
Granny Goodness
Sally Wood

Sally Wood

Account Manager

  • This Wizard of Oz fan wants you to pay your bill in 30 days or she’ll visit you in her pink bubble.
  • Loves singing in a choir and playing handbells.
  • Don't ask to speak to her before 9:30 a.m. (Seriously, just don't do it).

Sally joined the Covalent Logic team in February 2011 after a long list of impressive adventures, including a B.A. in Math, a B.A. in Music and a B.M. in Harp.

Before she began at Covalent Logic, Sally kept the books for a number of other companies—such as Classical Recording Company and Oil and Gas Royalty. She was also a professional harpist for several symphonies where she played with the likes of Pavarotti, Moody Blues and Aretha Franklin.

Poulin Wu, Ph.D.
Mr. Incredible
Poulin Wu, Ph.D.

Poulin Wu, Ph.D.

Chief Software Architect

  • Wanted to save the world with a combinatorics theorem.
  • Gets more pleasure from problem solving than a great meal.
  • Dreams in mathematical solutions.

Poulin holds a doctorate in mathematics and a master’s in computer science from Louisiana State University. He has more than 10 years of experience developing complex, Web-related applications and is a Certified Macromedia ColdFusion Developer. Poulin is proficient with ColdFusion, XML, Perl, C++, C, Visual Basic Java, JavaScript, HTML and is an expert in database development. As Covalent Logic’s senior Web developer, he applies his diverse skill sets to devise and implement clever solutions to the most challenging programming scenarios.

It’s okay.

We’ll hold your hand.

We’re full service, full time.

That means we work nights and weekends. We take your calls and respond to your emails. We build the timeline with you to meet your goals. We work with your budget to make sure we’re making our efforts where you see value. Need a place to sit, think and write… come to our office, have coffee and work uninterrupted. You’re invited. We collaborate. Really. If you come up with a brilliant idea, we’ll execute it. If you need the ideas, but have other resources to execute it, we aren’t offended. Let’s just get it done.

Read between the lines.

We don’t always get the credit, and we’re okay with that.

We take satisfaction in being a part of your success and watching you get the credit. In this news stream, we’ve included articles about our staff members and coverage of projects we’ve worked on, but there’s plenty missing. Sometimes we have a confidentiality agreement, sometimes our work is peripheral to a larger campaign. And then some of the stuff we do is really routine and not worthy of a big article. But, we execute it with precision anyhow.

You’ll have to trust us—we’ve done IPOs, multi-national campaigns in other languages, internal newsletters for hundreds of thousands employees. And last week we designed an ad for a start-up that had almost no budget, but we believed in it.

  • Embrace the Rainbow

    Color is more than how things print or display on a screen. Color is communication. It’s a whole world unto itself. Multi-color selections matter: some play well together like Bert & Ernie, and some clash like Bugs Bunny and Yosemite Sam. Read on to learn how color trends are shaping up this year and how designers use color to say at a glance what content can’t.

  • Now in Amazing Techni(cal) Color...

    Pantone. CMYK. Hexidecimal. RGB. Color is more complex than what we learned in elementary school! Yes, when you mix red paint and blue paint, it does make purple, but our eyes perceive physical color (like paint, print and nature) much differently than light (like computer monitors, phone screens and rainbows). How does this relate to your business? In this article, we’ll share some knowledge on how technology and color go hand-in-brand.

  • Planning for a Brand Transition

    Don’t let rebranding get you down! Covalent Logic has a plan, and where there’s a plan, there’s a way. Read on to learn about our six guiding principles for a successful brand transition, and find out why a brand is greater than the sum of its parts.

  • Secrets from a Brand Guru

    Our Director of Production, Trae Russell knows about branding--he’s been at the helm for several brand transitions in his 20-plus years as a marketing professional. We decided to pick his brain about what goes into a brand and what you should expect when starting down the path to rebranding. Or, as he put it, stepping onto the ledge. It’s definitely a commitment, so the more you know at the outset, the better!

  • How to Sound Like a Web Analytics Genius

    If you want to find out more about how website users interact with your company’s site, we have two words for you: Google Analytics. Don’t be intimidated by the idea of stats on stats on stats--Covalent Logic has people to walk you through the basics. We did the legwork so you can show off your professional insights.

  • What’s Hot (and Not) in Web Design

    It’s January, and that means a whole lot of looking ahead at trends for the future stories in all industries and disciplines. We started thinking about what might happen this year in the web design industry, because it’s easier than predicting politics. We decided to share some insights from our Interactive Director, Stacey Vincent. She’s seen all the trends and changes in this little thing we call the World Wide Web, so here are some of her thoughts about web design past, present and future.

I want more news

Ooooh shiny!

We win awards, just like all agencies win awards.

But, we don’t rest on our laurels. Accolades and recognition may come, but we expect to get better with every project we do. When we finish a project, we don’t focus on the shiny objects—we keep thinking about how we can do even better next time. Meeting your strategic goals matters more to us than awards. But just in case you need to know we’re winners, here’s a short list:

  • ADDYs for advertising
  • Tellys for video
  • Lanterns for Public Relations
  • Communicator Awards for corporate communications
  • Golden Bridge award for product development
  • Bulldog award given by journalists to agencies and companies they cover
  • Vema award for multi-media arts
  • Numerous awards for sales and marketing in the various industries we work for

But, really… we prefer if *you* win awards.

Addy's Award
Bulldog Award
Communicator Award
Golden Bridge Award
Lantern Award
Stevie Award
Tellys Award


If you want to work here, we get it.

We run together, read together, play kickball and disc golf together. We speak different languages (and yes HTML and Javascript count). We’re jetsetters and trendsetters. We laugh, we cry, we share—and not just on social media channels. There’s no shame in saying we form an amazing group of smart, talented, fun people. If you want in, we want to know.

Of course, it’s possible that you aren’t actively looking for a job right this red hot minute, but you’re interested in discussing business opportunities, or you see yourself merging with, consulting for, or building the Covalent team. Feel free to send a completely confidential proposal, résumé, idea or other message to Stafford Wood at

3… 2… 1… Contact.

If your company is ready to make a bold statement with graphic design, communications, public relations or web development—or anything really—get in touch with us. We don’t scare easily.

Stafford Wood

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