Joining Twitter and How to Tweet

Twitter is a real-time social networking service that allows you to communicate with a worldwide audience through brief, frequent messages. Listed below are the directions for tweeting from the Web, tweeting thru text messaging and how to CoTweet, as well as instructions on adding photos and links to a tweet.

I. Welcome to Twitter! Sign Up
  • Go to www.Twitter.com to create your account.
  • Follow the instructions for creating a username, password and profile.
  • Listen.
  • Tweet.
II. How To Tweet on the Web

  • Go to www.twitter.com and sign in.
  • On your Home page, type your message in the 'What are you doing' box.
  • Click Update.
  • This message appears on your Profile, as well as your followers' Home pages.

III. How To Tweet thru Text Messaging
  • Add your phone number to your account in Twitter Settings.
  • Send the verification code to the Twitter number assigned to you.
  • Once your phone is verified, type your message and send it to Twitter at 40404 (US number). Your message will appear on your Profile, as well as your followers' Home pages.

IV. How To CoTweet
  • Go to www.cotweet.com and sign up.
  • Follow these same steps to add your original Twitter account.
  • Your Dashboard appears on the left, just as an e-mail inbox.
  • To post an update, click Update. Select the account you wish to post the update from, and type your message.
  • To Schedule a tweet, select Later when posting a message. Select the date and time of your message, and click Post Update.
  • Invite other employees by scrolling over their profile, and selecting Invite Others. These employees will receive an e-vite containing a link to sign up.
  • Enable CoTags by going to Settings, then General and clicking on                         CoTags. Set CoTags in correct format for all users on your account.
  • On your Home screen, you will see tweets from all accounts. You may change this and filter the tweets you see in Settings.
  • To view tweets from a particular account, click on that account profile.

V. How To Add a Photo to a Tweet - TwitPic
  • Although Twitter does not have a photo application itself, most users use the third-party service TwitPic.
  • Go to www.twitpic.com and sign in using your Twitter username and password (no set-up required).
  • Click Upload in the dashboard in the upper right corner of the screen.
  • Choose the photo you want to upload by clicking Choose File.
  • Add a tweet in the message box provided.
  • Click Upload.
  • To send a photo from your phone, use the e-mail address provided in your TwitPic account, found in the Upload section.
VI. How To Add a Link to a Tweet - bit.ly
  • Although you may post a full link in your tweet, most links are too long and take away valuable characters from your message. Using bit.ly to shorten your link is highly recommended.
  • Go to http://bit.ly and sign up.
  • Enter your Twitter username and password during sign-up (to save in settings).
  • Enter the long version of the link you want to share in the space provided.
  • Click Shorten.
  • Under Options, click on the Twitter bar to chose the Twitter account for which you choose to tweet this link. (Do not click Post here.)
  • Scroll down to History, find the link you wish to tweet and click Share.
  • In the window that appears on the right, add a tweet in the large box provided.
  • Click Post.
    Bit.ly for Co-Tweet
  • Begin by creating a bit.ly account for your CoTweet account.
  • Click on Account in the dashboard.
  • Add all Twitter accounts on your CoTweet account here.
  • Copy the API Key found in the middle of the Account page.
  • Return to CoTweet and click on Settings.
  • Click on Twitter Accounts, then select the account you want to integrate the bit.ly with, then click Integrations.
  • Turn the bit.ly account integration on, then enter:
                      -API Login (the username you use to log in to bit.ly)
                      -API Key (the key you copied earlier from bit.ly)
  • Click Save.
  • Click Post an Update.
  • To shorten your link, paste the URL in the long box provided.
  • Chose the account you wish to post under.
  • Click on the down arrow (this shortens your link and places it in the body of the message).
  • Type your message in the large box.
  • Click Post Update.
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