Covalent Logic Now Sharing Links Through Osmos.is

bit.ly Pro enterprise edition is currently in Beta with a handful of organizations, including The Onion (onion.com), The New York Times (nyti.ms), and Pepsi (pep.si). Covalent Logic is using the service with the white label URL - Osmos.is

Drawing from the "science" roots of our company name, Osmosis is the movement of molecules across a semi-permeable membrane from a region of high concentration to a region of low concentration until a state of equilibrium is reached. This echoes the purpose of sharing information through social media - We like to think we're spreading our knowledge to elevate the conversation whenever possible.

bit.ly Pro has two tiers: the free version, and the enterprise edition, a paid subscription service.

Free bit.ly Pro includes:

  1. Whitelabel service for a custom short URL, with up to 10,000 shorten requests a day.
  2. The bit.ly Pro dashboard, which rolls up analytics about the most viral content from your domain.
  3. The bit.ly button, which lets users share articles on Twitter or Facebook from your site, using your custom short URL.

The paid bit.ly Enterprise service includes the following:

  1. Custom short URLs, buttons, and dashboards for multiple domains.
  2. Advanced dashboard features, including additional analytics and 3rd-party application support.
  3. End-to-end branding - if you shorten a link at bit.ly, or use bit.ly on a Twitter client such as CoTweet, you'll notice that when you shorten or share an article from covalentlogic.com (for example), it will resolve to our short URL (osmos.is) instead of a bit.ly-branded URL. This will result in both greater transparency for end users about link destinations and in millions of additional brand mentions for publishers in the bit.ly stream.
  4. A customer service and support plan.

The bit.ly Pro Free and Enterprise services are not currently available to everyone. If you are interested in hearing more about the services, feel free to contact Stafford Kendall at stafford@covalentlogic.com or 225-205-0090. I want more news