Four steps to change your email address

Set up.
Set up the new address with your old contacts. If you're in Outlook, you can keep the same in-box, just change the Account settings to pull the new address, rather than trying to export and move everything.

Send an email to your contacts from your new email address announcing the change with a vCard attached.

Set up an auto-responder from the old address. If your email provider offers signature settings, automatic replies, or customizable reply-to addresses, use these features to remind folks about the new address:
  • Set up an auto-reply that lists your new email address
  • Enter your new address as your reply-to address
  • Include your new address in your signature
  • Forward the mail from the old address to the new one.
Keep your old address. Keep it coming into the same in-box in Outlook as your new address, just be sure you're replying from the new address. From time to time you can sort by "to" in your in-box and see how much mail is coming to the new address or the old one. At some point (a year away?), you'll be able to delete the old address.

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