Team. Squad. Crew. Covalent.
Lluvia Peveto


Senior Account Manager

As both marketing wiz and diehard Trekkie (Is there any other kind?!), Lluvia brings a level of management skills clients find to be highly logical.

A NOLA native and Lamar graduate, she first gathered a galaxy of experience in media coverage, customer service and strategic marketing. Now, as Senior Account Manager, her Prime Directive is to handle the day to day, while anticipating where to boldly go in the days ahead.

Whether managing communications or providing proactive counsel, Lluvia moves at warp drive to make it so. Ensuring that clients find their voice and strengthen their brand. So, they can live long and prosper well into the next generation.

Up close and personal…

  • One parry away from competitive fencing (the sport, not the dealing in stolen goods)
  • Loves hitting the road on her Honda Shadow Spirit 750
  • Adapting a WWE persona, she arm-wrestled for charity
Experienced. Eccentric. Ever-evolving. Care to join us?