Creative Thinkers.

Puzzle Solvers.

Mountain Movers.

Innovation isn’t about
following trends or
inserting quick fixes. It’s
about strategic planning
for the life of your business.
Equipping you with
the ability to anticipate
change, move fast and
look smart. And creating
collaborative efforts
fulfill impossible dreams.

So tell us, How can we serve you?


We don't

just say it.

We've done it.

Create the first online newsroom for an international hospitality company and maintain it for over 10 years?

We’ve done that.

Provide award-winning safety materials for the largest Alpha-olefin producer in the world?

Yep, that too.

Develop and execute numerous critical communications strategies for Louisiana’s emergency response?

Uh-huh, you guessed it.

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Nineteen years in, we’ve learned a thing or two.

It’s been said with youth comes innovation and with age comes efficiency. With Covalent Logic, comes both. A potent combination of endless enthusiasm and exceptional expertise. We’re a many-sided, partnership-minded, award-winning agency. And through diligent research, strategic development, creative ideas and thoughtful execution we have maintained our passion of pursuing lasting relationships and meaningful results.

Obscure Holiday Calendar: October

Shaping the City of Brotherly Love

Haven’t Planned Out October Yet?! Spooky!

cicero newsroom

Our powerful media center tool serves multi-brand and multi-franchise organizations with ease. Offering cross-branch or direct-branch news dispersal, automated media outreach and more. We understand that today's news goes beyond a basic press release — with tools for photo galleries, video libraries, custom page creation and subsite spin-ups, "robust" would be an understatement. Add to that, multi-language options, corresponding email distribution, content entry and full help desk support...what more could you ask for?

Corporate Newsrooms at their finest
cicero licensong

Custom made for complex internal processes. Does your organization have intricate licensing and renewal requirements? Need customizations for many users in varied roles? Desperately overdue for a conversion from paper to electronic registration systems? Are fully-secured approval/discretionary actions a must? We've got you. We’re ready to partner with you to tailor a one-of-a-kind solution to meet your precise needs.

requirements, regulations and then some
cicero insider

A powerful internal corporate communications tool that allows your organization to disseminate timely, role-specific information in real-time. From down the street, to across the globe, make sure your team members are never in the dark about company news, important initiatives and industry-specific requirements. Our secure, user-based system includes options for reading confirmation and reporting tools, to help ensure the right information is in the right hands at the right time.

Your team. All on the same page. finally.

Off the
shelf? Nah.
Meet Cicero.

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