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Fernanda Collins
Creative Director

Growing up in the town of Pato Branco, Brazil, where her father owned a print shop, Fernanda knew her CMYKs before her ABCs. And from an early age, knew she was destined to design.

While attending the Universidade Positivo in Curitiba, Brazil, she worked for the prestigious Servico Nacional de Aprendizagem Comercial, gaining valuable skills in marketing, interior design, photography and illustration. Upon graduating with her Bachelor’s degree in Graphic Design, she continued honing her talents as Project Manager for Patograf Industria Grafica.

After leaving Brazil, she took North America by storm, working as a graphic designer for a design firm in Virginia and Texas. And today, Covalent is reaping the benefits of her vast experience and vital exuberance.

Up close and personal…

  • Avid pencil collector (now in the hundreds), accumulated from her world travels
  • Cannot follow a recipe without adding her own creative touch
  • Seasoned Handywoman, who loves the challenge of a good DIY project

Experienced. Eccentric. Ever-evolving.

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