Team. Squad. Crew. Covalent.
Theresa Stewart


Account Manager

Interesting tidbit about Theresa is that on her own, she conducted a four-year, 87-recipe search for the perfect chocolate chip cookie. Which told us that whether cookie or client, her attention to detail and persistent efforts for excellence would never be half-baked.

After graduating from LSU with a specialization in PR, Theresa got more than a liberal sprinkle of experience in strategic communications, social media management, branding and design. Meaning this Account Manager has the ingredients to provide expert guidance through every project – even when the heat is on.

With a mixture of sweet disposition, fresh enthusiasm and crisp thinking, this smart cookie offers hands-on service and innovative solutions by the dozen. And always with blue-ribbon results.

Up close and personal…

  • Knows every line of Anne Hathaway’s dialogue from every Anne Hathaway movie (And yes, she knows how to spell Gabbana)
  • On board of directors for local nonprofit Families Helping Families
  • Fifth generation LSU graduate
Experienced. Eccentric. Ever-evolving. Care to join us?