Cicero is a complete online interactive communications tool.

By combining beautiful design and content-rich pages, Cicero provides the necessary tools you need to build strong websites for content management, strengthening your brand identity and ultimately improving your company’s bottom line.

Cicero encompasses everything you need to communicate within your company.

The all-in-one media management system incorporates an easy to use Newsroom, Page Builders, Photo Galleries and File Management. With these tools, you can manage and publish your company news and press releases. Uploading and managing your photos and archived data have never been easier. In addition to all this, you also have an equally easy to use emailing service integrated into the system.

Cicero is more than a product, it’s a service.

With Cicero, eye-catching and practical websites have been created using content rich pages incorporating video, high resolution photo galleries and the ability for custom analytics to help track your growth. Cicero is backed by a dedicated team of designers, programmers and content professionals who are committed to creating websites that continually deliver lasting impressions and positive results.

Cicero Specialties

We have developed three special products on the Cicero platform that meet many of our client’s specific needs:


Why did we develop Cicero?

Cicero is a media management and corporate communications system developed by Covalent Logic that provides websites offering journalists, internal stakeholders and the general public with company information, press releases, and reports, as well as audio, videos and photos.

An off-the-shelf Content Management Systems (CMS) like WordPress or SquareSpace works for many websites. And we know their capabilities, because we frequently launch websites on these platforms. However, a complex virtual business with organic and planned workflow enables more efficient and effective communications processes for many of our clients. By developing our own proprietary system, our software architects have complete control to solve every need. Our modules have been tested, used and reimagined for more than 15 years. This software is stable, secure and robust.

In determining the name for this product, many ideas came to mind, but the name needed to have a deeper significance than what a random word or complex acronym could offer. During our discussions, one name stood out that included many of the characteristics, in fact, the very essence of the product we provide. It also had a nice ring to it!

Cicero was inspired by the ancient Roman writer, linguist, orator and translator whose extensive resume captures the functions of what a great press management system can do - speak for you. Cicero was also known for his refined correspondence and eloquent style of dialogue, which has inspired thinkers throughout history, such as David Hume and St. Augustine. These traits inspired our efforts to provide a complete and easy-to-use media tool designed to meet the needs of today’s companies, customers, employees and journalists.