Continental Kennel Club: Breeder Survey

1. How did you first hear about CKC?
Please explain why, then skip to question 9.
2. How long have you been a CKC registered breeder? (approximate)
3. How often do you contact CKC’s Customer Support? (on average)
4. What did you contact CKC about? (Check all that apply.)
5. Tell us about your experience with CKC

On a scale of 1 to 5 (1 = Very Satisfied to 5 = Very Dissatisfied), please rate your experience with CKC.

Quality of registration services provided. (i.e litter, dog registrations)
Quality of customer service. (i.e courteous, helpful, knowledgeable)
Questions, Issues, and/or Problems were resolved promptly without any hassles.
6. Tell us about any good or bad experience you've had with CKC customer service.
7. What was your opinion about Continental Kennel Club before registering dogs with CKC?
8. Why did you decide to register your dogs with CKC?
9. Tell us about your experience selling puppies

On a scale of 1 to 5 (1 = very true to 5 = very false), please rate the following:

Puppy owners care about receiving registration papers when they pick up their puppy.
Puppy owners ask if the puppies are registered when they first contact me.
Puppy owners want to know how to register their puppy after purchasing a puppy.
Puppy owners want to know what to do with their new puppy after bringing it home. (i.e. taking it to the vet, contact with others, with other dogs, animals, house-training, worming, shots, etc.)
Puppy owners inquire about show events they can participate in with their new puppy.
Puppy owners ask about training for their new puppy (when to start, where, how old should puppy be, is it housebroken, etc.).
10. Please rate the following:

On a scale of 1 to 5 (1 = very often to 5 = not often)

I tell my new puppy owners that registration is important regardless of the reason they bought it. (i.e. as a pet, to show, to train for a specific task like hunting, protection,etc. )
I strongly encourage my buyers to register their new puppy right away.
I explain the registration process to my puppy buyers thoroughly, including what all they can choose with their registration (like pedigrees, dog tags, microchips, training materials, books, etc.).
11. Do you keep track of the puppies you sell and maintain contact with the new owners?
12. Do you provide CKC with the names of your new puppy owners so that they can follow-up on the importance of early registration?
13. If puppy owners ask you why they should register their puppy, what do you tell them?
14. If CKC could improve and offer more benefits for breeders, what would you find valuable?
15. Which of the following would be something that you would find valuable as a breeder?
(Note: With all of these, CKC would provide levels of discount pricing for all of your transactions, registrations, and products purchased from CKC)
If other, please specify.
16. Please rate how interested you would be in a single online resource for breeders, where puppy owners could discover your business, browse puppies to purchase, and contact you directly about puppies for sale?
17. What are some ways you feel CKC could help you connect with puppy owners?
18. What are some ways CKC could help your owners to better understand the benefits of registration?
19. How many breeding dogs do you own?
20. How many dogs are registered with CKC/Other registries?
21. Which other registries do you use? What do you like/dislike most about these registries?
22. Tell us a little about yourself
What is your age?
Please select your gender.
What is your race/ethnicity? (Please select one.)