How to turn a PDF columnar list into an email list

Here's what I do to get a flat file PDF into the system:
  1. Open PDF, select all and copy.
  2. Open Excel, paste (in my version of Excel, it's ctrl-V and then choose "paste using Text Importer" You may have to search in the help of your version for how to use the text importer.
  3. Work through the wizard choosing "delimited" and then "space" as the delimiter.
  4. Edit the columns of content that are created until it's column A with the email address, column b with the first name and column c with the last name.
  5. Delete the rest of the content.
  6. Make sure there are no quotes, parenthesis or other punctuation.
  7. "Save As CSV" on your desktop. You'll have to have semi-colon as your default delimiter. In order to check that, do this:
    1. Click Start, point to Settings, and then click Control Panel.
    2. Double-click Regional Settings or Regional Options. Click "Customize" Click the Number (or Numbers) tab.
    3. In the List separator list, type semicolon.
    4. Click OK.
    5. Click OK.
  8. Go to the tool and choose "Import members from file" and upload the CSV you've created.
I know it sounds a little onerous, but the goal is to get a txt or CSV file with semicolons separating the items with one entry on each line.


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