How Facebook (and Covalent Logic) Can Increase Your Site's Traffic

What began as a hub for youth to communicate with their friends in yet another online setting has grown into an extremely valuable tool for businesses. 

It seems that each week, a new tool is developed for Facebook to help increase your site’s traffic. From small buttons that allow visitors to share your organization on their Facebook profile, to updated streaming APIs that allow visitors to publish photos, audio and video from your site to their own, and their friends’, Facebook pages.

Feeling like some guidance would be good in the Facebook world? We gladly add these applications to your business’s site that allow your visitors to share the site with others—easily.

Because of its growing importance in new and interactive media, we add ‘Share on Facebook’ applications to all of our new sites. If your site wasn’t created in the past year, contact us for this quick and easy—and did I mention extremely valuable?—upgrade.

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