Exporting contacts from your email browser

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Export Outlook Contacts
1. In Outlook, on the File menu, click Import and Export.
2. Click Export to a file, and then click Next.
3. Click Comma Separated Values (Windows), and then click Next.
4. In the folder list, click the Contacts folder, and then click Next.
5. Browse to the folder where you want to save the contacts as a .csv file.
6. Type a name for the exported file, and then click OK.
7. Click Next.
8. Click Finish.

What to do if email addresses are in Exchange format

If you run Outlook in connection with an Exchange server, in Contacts files you export, the email addresses may be in an internal Exchange format. After you export Outlook Contacts, look at the exported file. If you see email addresses similar to the one below, the addresses are in Exchange format:

/o=ORGANIZATION_NAME/ou=first administrative group/cn=Recipients/cn=Tester2 EX Tester2 Tester2LastName (

Your best bet, at this point, is to put all the addresses into format (which can be prohibitively time consuming if your contacts list is long) or use the following workaround to create a text file that you can import:

1. In Outlook, go to Contacts.
2. Click the Contacts folder that contains the contacts you want to export.
3. Under Current View, click Phone List, and then click Customize Current View.
4. In the Customize View dialog box, click Fields. In the Show Fields dialog box, remove and add fields as necessary so that only Full Name and E-mail fields are listed in the box on the right. Click OK, and then click OK again. In the Show Fields dialog box, to remove multiple fields at once from the box on the right, press CTRL and then select all the fields you want to remove. To quickly display the E-mail field in the Available fields box on the left, under Select available fields from, select E-mail fields.
5. Click the first name in the list. Press SHIFT, scroll down, and click the last name in the list to select all the contacts.
6. Press CTRL + C to copy the contacts.
7. Open Microsoft Excel (or another spreadsheet program) or a text editor such as NotePad or WordPad.
8. In the spreadsheet program, click the far left cell in the first row of the spreadsheet to select it. In a text editor, the cursor should be blinking in the top left corner of the document.
9. Press CTRL + V to paste the contact names and email addresses into the spreadsheet or text editor. The labels Full Name and E-mail automatically appear at the top of the two columns.
10. On the spreadsheet or text editor File menu, click Save As.
11. For Save as type, select CSV (Comma delimited)(*.csv), if that's an option. Otherwise, choose Text document (*.txt).
12. Type a name for the file, choose a location where you'll be able to find the file again, and then click Save.

To export Address Book Contacts from Outlook Express:

1. Start Outlook Express.
2. On the File menu, point to Export, and then click Address Book.
3. Click Text File (Comma Separated Values), and then click Export.
4. Type the path and filename of the file, or click Browse to specify a location to save the file.
5. Click Next.
6. Click the fields that you want to export and then click Finish.

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