The Big Picture: Twitter for Marketing

The philosophy of using Twitter
What's the Point?

Twitter is an outstanding communication tool for three main reasons:
Twitter allows you take the pulse of the Web and apply what you find to your business strategies and goals. Not only will you hear what people have to say about you and your company, you will hear what they're talking about in general. This allows you a greater scope of the atmosphere, and a deeper knowledge of your audience. Twitter affords you the opportunity to build a personal relationship in a public form. It's not just a  message in the media, it's a personal message.

What's the Goal?
Spreading the message.

For people to spread your message, they have to believe you.  They have to believe you are passionate about your business, thoughts and opinions. They have to believe you are sincere in your comments and responses. They have to know you are authentic.  The same things that make someone a leader in real life, gain the respect of followers in Twitter. People want to have an Insider-someone they know is telling the truth and they trust. Basically, the goal and purpose of Twitter is to get people to trust you and your brand.


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