Major Social Media CEO Instructs B.R. Companies

From the Baton Rouge Business Report
Jesse Engle, the chief executive officer of San Francisco-based CoTweet, a Web-based application that aggregates and monitors multiple Twitter accounts and users, is in Baton Rouge today for a seminar at the Hilton Capitol Center. The seminar, which will focus on managing corporate Twitter accounts, comes the same day as news about CoTweet's launch of a paid service for corporate customers like McDonald's, Ford and SunTrust according the Wall Street Journal's technology blog. The corporate service, which starts at $1,500 a month, will allow account holders to store and view all Twitter interactions including tweets, retweets and direct messages between users. It will also offer analytics to track and monitor a company's impact on the social networking tool.

Engle, the first major social-networking CEO to make a stop in Baton Rouge, was brought in for the seminar by Covalent Logic, a local Web design and marketing firm. "A lot of companies have gotten on Twitter because they need to respond to conversations going on that are largely reflective of conversations that are happening the real world," says Engle. CoTweet has grown rapidly since the release of its public beta in July. The start up also plans to expand services to include customer service tickets for the paid version, a mobile application and support for other social networking sites like Facebook.

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