Quick list for search engine ranking improvement

Search engines look at several things to determine your ranking. Here's a quick list of places to focus on that you can do something about:

  1. Domain Name: The actual address that you use for your primary domain name can increase your ranking for words from the domain name. Keep this in mind when deciding to abbreviate your domain name to shorten the length. doesn't have the word 'business' in it, so you won't get bonus points for it.

    What you can do:

  2. Site Content: The live text on your Web site will be indexed based on the proximity between the words, as well as the words that are on the page.

    What you can do:
    Make sure your site contains live text content that relates to how you'd like to be indexed. And update it often.

  3. Links In: The ranking of Web pages that link to you can help your ranking.

    What you can do:
    Get vendors, associates, partners and groups to link into your site in a natural way. "Natural language links" are more valuable than a list of links.

  4. Links Out: How valuable you are as a link resource can help your ranking. 

    What you can do: Put links on your site that make sense and help your site visitors.
Most importantly, keep your content valuable and search engines (and site visitors) will follow.

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