New browser will Rock your world, Melt your heart

The strategy of the new web is to bring information to you, rather than have you seek it out yourself. Our iPhones and iPads and Android devices are loaded with apps and our browsers chock full of installed extensions, many with the purpose of keeping the things we want to see/read/know as easily accessible as possible. It's not that we're lazy; it's that our time is so valuable.

At least that's what we like to tell ourselves.

So in this day and age, it's no surprise a new browser would be created to make life easier on us. The surprise comes in how well it has been executed. The new browser in question is RockMelt, which was built out of Google's Chromium open source project and some other open source software. Chrome extensions are available should you choose to install them, though you may never need to. RockMelt is that good.

As soon as you launch RockMelt (by signing in with your Facebook account), you'll see why. The left edge of the browser is loaded with your Facebook friends, with the ones currently online at the top. You can chat in one click, check their wall in two, and the edge can be customized to feature your favorite friends (or removed entirely, should you choose).

The right edge gives you immediate access to your Facebook profile and news feed. You can add your Twitter account or other social medianess, and even subscribe to feeds from your favorite websites-the process is ultra-intuitive-so the articles and news come to you. Badges let you know when there is something new to read, and popups alert you to new tweets and Facebook posts.

Beyond that, you can update your status right in the browser, share links on Facebook right from the address bar, and invite your friends to share in the RockMelt experience.

Part of the genius of RockMelt is its viral approach to distribution. Similar to what Google did in the early days of Gmail and with the eventually failed Google Wave, RockMelt can be had by receiving an invitation. Only this time around it's not a nice buddy (or random stranger) and an email address you need, but a Facebook account. If you're invited, you'll receive a message from the inviting friend.

And then you're off, Melting Rock with the best of them.


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