Clean Up Your Facebook Clutter with 'Merge Multiple Pages' Option

Here is some good news for those of us with a Facebook identity crisis and multiple pages scattered around: there's now a way to merge them!

Facebook has released the "merge multiple pages" option which allows users to merge their various pages into a single one without losing valuable information. Sometimes, people or organizations create pages or duplicate pages at once in order to reach different audience, or just out of plain confusion. The problem with this is that these pages often become outdated but still contain a wealth of information about past activity, conversations, and of course, fans!

In order to merge them together, and avoid an identity fiasco, such as leaving potential fans guessing which page is your “official” one, simply follow these simple steps brought you you by Inside Facebook:
  1. Go to your page
  2. Click ‘edit page’
  3. Select ‘merge multiple pages’
* You must be the admin of all the pages you wish to merge. You must report pages that you deem “unofficial,” but that are not in your control.

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