Building a Successful Digital Media Center

Tips on making the most seamless Website experience for media
Enjoy the tips and tricks below developed for PR News by Covalent Logic Interactive Strategist, Stafford Kendall:

1. Share the wealth.
Provide a multitude of high-resolution photographs, video and audio that is easily downloadable. Reporters don't want to run the same photo as someone else. Give them plenty to choose from.

2. Open Sesame.
Do not require log-in or credentials to access your materials. Credentialed press creates exclusivity, but doesn't allow for broad coverage from bloggers, regional media and reporters on deadline.

3. Get a Game Plan.
Gather logos, fact sheets, links, headshots and b-roll in advance to have on a development site (and tested) before your event. Require these items to be finalized and in place, so that on the day of, you are simply adding the event photos and press release on top in a spot all ready to go.

4. Please Feed the Animals.
Your media website should be a living, breathing animal that requires nourishment, caretaking and on-going attention. Don't build and forget. Build right and you can build on your success for the next launch.

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