To us, it's a refrigerator. To our grandparents, it's technology.


 "To us it's a refrigerator, to our grandparents it was technology... you may think of myspace as technology... our users don't," said Shawn Gold,'s senior vice president-marketing and content. He was referring, of course, to the 72 million registered users of wild, wild West of social networks.


Recently, I was trying to explain wireless Internet access to my 83-year old grandfather. I was sitting on his couch and typing an email, while connected to Shreve High School's open wireless network. He said "What are you working on?" I described the magic of the Internet where I could actually communicate with my office without wires.

He responded, "Just like radio."

It's fantastic -- what I thought would blow him away was an easy step from radio to Wi-fi.  


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