Stafford Kendall Included in 'Tips for Networking' List

Article includes advice on how to network 'expertly and successfully'
Stafford Kendall was recently selected to contribute to Secret Entourage's article on business networking tips. Along with 25 other business professionals, she shared her advice on how to network expertly and successfully; advice that anyone in the business world can use, even introverts! Below is Stafford's excerpt from the article:

- Kendall's tip included reassurance and strategy. "Don't feel awkward if you stand by yourself for a moment. Having others approach you gives you the power to accept the conversation or not. Share something personal, but not too personal. Introduce strangers to people you know. The best networkers aren't about networking for themselves, but about building a bigger network. When you introduce two people, you'll often learn things about someone you know that they wouldn't think to share with you." -

There are several other great tips from other leading professionals, Click here for the full article at

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