NAMI Louisiana debuts new website

NAMI Louisiana sought to revitalize its website and create an "energized appearance" through new design, structure and technology. Its new website,, is the result of this transformation.

NAMI's new site, designed by Covalent Logic, utilizes a more user-friendly orientation while maintaining a clean and bright graphical appearance. It meets all of the goals the company set out to accomplish, including creating a long-lasting brand identity for the company, illustrating NAMI's vision and values, and creating a virtual space where NAMI's main audience can feel connected.

The new website features custom-designed home and interior pages, along with a new email newsletter template. The home page is populated with a simple yet functional navigation bar, upcoming events and featured links.

Donations, an important part of NAMI's support, are highlighted at the bottom of the homepage and other interior pages. With just one click, visitors can log onto PayPal and choose a donation amount.

To further interact with NAMI, a convenient listing of how to join NAMI, along with the company's other social venues can be found under the "Take Action" tab in the navigation bar.

NAMI Louisiana is a nonprofit grassroots education, support and advocacy organization founded in 1984. The mission of NAMI Louisiana is to improve the quality of life for people with mental illnesses and their families.

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