Get Reorganized and Reenergized at Work

Starting back to school usually means you are reorganized and reenergized from a summer full of vacations and relaxation. We know that’s not a reality for everyone (trust us), so here are some tips from our team to help you do these things now (spoiler alert: our folks like lists):

Rachel Totaro, Senior Content Manager- “What energizes me is getting some “green time” in, such as stepping away from my desk to go outside and take a quick walk.” As far as organizing goes, Rachel recommends Lists, lists and more lists! Color coordinating is also a good idea, so that urgent items stick out from the rest.

Stacey Vincent, Creative Director – “To stay organized I take a lot of notes, because you can’t rely solely on memory. I also check my calendar and task lists daily and use sticky notes. Lots of sticky notes.”  To energize, Stacey recommends having a good work/life balance, brainstorming with peers and creative research. What else? VACATION! – You deserve one, go ahead and take one.

Christina Stephens, Senior Public Relations Manager- “I keep a daily list of priorities in my notebook and another is list of tasks associated with high priority projects on my whiteboard. I love crossing things off of my lists because it makes me feel like I’ve accomplished something.” To re-energize when she’s feeling sluggish, Christina stops for a mint tea break or to walk around the office or changes her playlist.

Alex Sevier, Senior Account Manager -“Always plan ahead and write a list of what you need to do to accomplish your goal so you don’t forget in the heat of the moment.”

Daniel Duvic, Art Director- Best way to reorganize – stay organized. Get to the office a few minutes early every day and figure out what your deliverables are and how they fit into your hectic day”. Getting reenergized, for Daniel, means getting a full night of sleep. 

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