St. Gabriel Publishing joins the Covalent Team

Venture Will Help Parishes Proclaim the Word through Modern Communications and Branding

Welcome to the Covalent family, St. Gabriel Publishing! Covalent Logic Founder and owner Stafford Wood has created a new communications company that will target Catholic parishes and organizations. St. Gabriel Publishing, whose development was inspired by work done for Our Lady of Mercy parish, will donate a portion of its profits to Catholic institutions and charities.

St. Gabriel Publishing will offer free downloadable templates for Catholic Churches to use for pew cards, envelopes, Mass cards and other materials, and has already created Our Lady of Mercy's quarterly magazine, Mercy Magnificat. Mercy Magnificat has been mailed to parishioners and is being delivered to businesses around the area. Be on the lookout so you can get your copy.

St. Gabriel Publishing is accepting company ad space for the December magazine. If you want to advertise how awesome your company is too, we get it. Email for more information.

For more information about St. Gabriel Publishing, visit or follow us on Twitter and Instagram as @StGabeArchangel.

St. Gabriel is the archangel patron saint of communications professionals and is frequently identified as the Angel-Saint sent to carry God's message to the faithful. (Get why we chose him to represent our company?)

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