Cheers to 10 years: Covalent Logic Reflects on the Past Decade

The past 10 years have afforded the Covalent Logic team the chance to work with everyone from governors to CEOs of international corporations. We’ve launched more than 200 websites, sent easily hundreds of thousands of emails for clients, written (probably) a million words of copy, designed dozens and dozens of logos, crafted hashtags, hosted focus groups and generally enjoyed creating, problem-solving and communicating with some of the best clients anyone could ask for. In 10 years, we’ve grown and shrunk in size, we’ve moved into our FOURTH (and probably not last) office, we’ve added services and joined forces with partners and generally existed in a whirlwind of colors and words and servers that is so much bigger than we’d ever imagined when the company was formally incorporated on November 29, 2005. Today was officially the first day of our second decade, and we can only imagine how things will have changed by November 29, 2025. (Maybe we’ll finally get all of that stuff from The Jetsons or Back to the Future II.)

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