Covalent Logic Discusses the Biggest Industry Change in 10 Years

If there is one phenomenon that shaped the last 10 years of our industry, it is the concept of mass social networking. This might shock you, but 10 years ago we wouldn’t have been able to share news about our anniversary quite so easily. Sure, we could’ve mailed you a card, called you to tell you or sent you an email forward (or launched a website with a fancy, but skippable, Flash-animated intro), but we couldn’t have created a hashtag or tagged you on Facebook.

In 2005, Facebook was still limited to some college and high school students – the general public wouldn’t be able to join until September 26, 2006. Twitter didn’t start until the summer of 2006 and Instagram, now a social media powerhouse, launched in 2010, almost a year before Snapchat made disappearing messages a thing and around the time Pinterest was still in closed beta. Apparently we COULD have messaged you on LinkedIn, if you were one of the sites’ 1.6 million users (it now boasts more than 300 million members. We also could’ve posted a video on YouTube to alert you, but you likely wouldn’t have known about it until the first “viral” video (Lazy Sunday, an SNL digital short) came out inDecember 2005.

Of course, we could’ve put you in our Top 8 friends on MySpace (launched 2005) or possibly added you on Friendster (launched 2004). Maybe we could’ve written a Wikipedia (launched 2001) article about ourselves, which would’ve made us real trendsetters because in 2005 the English site only contained half a million articles.

Thankfully, times have changed and social media now rules (more work for us!). So if you’re feeling sentimental (we are), you can wish us well or share your favorite Covalent Logic work using the hashtag #Covalent10 on social media. You can also follow along with our fun Covalent anniversary shenanigans at

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