How to Stay Sane During a Presidential Election Year: A Running List

(We’ll keep updating this.)

Exercise Control Over Your Social Media: Everyone knows someone on social media who constantly posts outlandish or sometimes offensive political posts. (These are the people for which was invented.) We recommend familiarizing yourself with Facebook’s “hide” feature or Twitter’s “unfollow” button. It is one thing to disagree with a person, but someone who is posting offensive stuff in January is likely going to insufferable by the time November comes around.

Make Every Debate a Drinking Game: Chances are someone will put together an “unofficial” drinking game for each debate. But, we recommend sipping from your cocktail during debates whenever anyone says: “Obama,” “Wall Street,” “Benghazi” or “Electable.”

Color: Adult Coloring Books are having a moment. Invest in nice pencils or crayons and color your stress away.

Watch House of Cards: The new season of the Netflix political thriller starring Kevin Spacey as take-no-prisoners, no-holds-barred politico Frank Underwood premieres March 4. Trust us, reality is nowhere near as bad as fiction in this case.

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