The Power of Video: Spotlight on the Executive Spotlight

Covalent - Stand Alone from tommysTV on Vimeo.

Covalent Logic is the sponsor of the Baton Rouge Business Report’s Executive Spotlight feature, which is a new video series that partners with the Business Report’s existing monthly interview with Baton Rouge-area business executives. The videos are filmed in Covalent’s own CEO Stafford Wood’s office by our partners at tommysTV.

So, why was this a good fit for us at Covalent? In addition to the obvious importance of B2B marketing in a well-read local publication, we have four main reasons for jumping on this opportunity:

  1. We believe in video. It’s been said before, but we’ll say it again: incorporating video into content strategies is key to attracting readers (and viewers) and getting noticed in a sea of news articles, online listicles and branded content.
  2. We like people. Of all the content out in the world, we like people telling their stories the best. Interesting people telling their stories pop up time and time again because this simple formula is a successful one. Watching a video interview with someone gives you insights based on body language and tone that reading an interview sometimes lacks.
  3. We like to build on success. The Business Report already featured a monthly Executive Spotlight interview with a built in readership, so the videos were an extension of that existing feature. Adding video to enhance an existing feature or product is a great way to attract new viewers while also controlling the increased effort that would be required to concept and produce a completely new product.
  4. We like things that are shareable. We find videos to be immensely shareable on social channels, which draws readers back to the original article and news source. We’re not alone – Facebook’s 2015 Q4 earnings reported that its users watch 3 billion videos a day, which means the average daily Facebook user watches three videos each day. (We hope the Executive Spotlight is one of your three videos!)

Do you believe in the power of video? Want to create something shareable to tell your brand story and reach new audiences? Drop us a line and let us show you how Covalent and our video partner tommysTV can bring your content to life.


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