Why Email Marketing Still Matters

It seems like each day a new way to communicate or “connect” with an audience comes out. First we Facebooked with people, now we Snapchat with them. Tomorrow who knows what the stylish marketing medium du jour will be.

But while you’re expanding your social marketing, don’t forget about the tried and true method of digital marketing that works: email. Sure, it might not be as flashy some methods, but the Direct Marketing Association reports that the ROI of email campaigns is 4,300 percent, making it one of the most cost effective forms of customer communications for businesses.

So, here is our listicle about why Email Marketing Still Matters. Feel free to use these arguments with your boss. (Also: we do email marketing.)

1 – It is direct to your readers.
Anyone who looks at Facebook analytics will tell you that organic reach is not what it used to be. A small subset of people who follow you page initially see your posts unless you throw some money behind them. This is because Facebook “owns” your followers. It controls how its users see information. And with Twitter and Instagram both going with way of algorithmic newsfeeds, brands and organizations need to find avenues where they control the access to their customers or consumers.

Provided you follow the rules and don’t act as a spammer, Email Marketing puts your message in the end user’s mailbox and it is up to them if they open it or how they use it. It isn’t full proof, but at least a third party isn’t deciding if it is going to show your message to users or not.

And, if all of that’s not enough to convince you: 91 percent of all U.S. consumers use email daily.

2 – It is relatively affordable.
You do not have to be a rocket scientist to execute a basic campaign and, as long as you have a plan for collecting emails from your customers or clients, email marketing really is a breeze. There are basic, off-the-shelf services for small businesses and companies like Covalent Logic offer customized content management solutions for brands with bigger needs or international reach.

You don’t have to buy media or make extravagant creative (though you certainly can) to have a solid email marketing campaign. And, as noted above, the ROI is 4,300 percent. So even a modest investment is worth it.

3 – It is easily customizable and personalized.
With solid analytics and a plan, you can target your users with an email that matches their activity. Send one email to your all-star customers who convert regularly. Draft another to attract people who haven’t interacted with your company in several months. Customizing messages to the right audience is easy in the world of email marketing. Whereas other forms of marketing may blanket your customers with a general message, email marketing can be tailored quickly and easily.

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