Feel Like a Local With Socialight

Socialight lets you explore the world and connect with people in a totally new way - by finding and sharing virtual sticky notes right where you are - using your mobile phone or the web.

The goal is for you to feel like a local wherever you go.

On Socialight, you always feel like a local. You get a place's vibe through stories, photos and information from everyone who's been there before, especially the people you trust - like your friends.

How does it work?

We create a virtual layer on top of the world that's only visible with Socialight. The layer's made up of sticky notes created by people like you. Geeks sometimes call it "geo-tagging". With Socialight, you can create sticky notes anywhere in the world for your friends, for everyone, or just for yourself. Notes now contain text and photos, and soon there'll be video and sound clips.

If you're in your home city, or traveling the world, you can find sticky notes tied to the places you go. Socialight can notify you on your mobile phone any time you're near a note. As your phone buzzes, it will display the note content, and also allow you to check out some background on the person who posted it. From there, you can instantly respond, leave your own note, or just move on.

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