Six Cool Things Google Does (Other Than Just Be a Search Engine)

Makes the World a Better Place

According to Google’s Giving site, the company donates more than $100 million in grants, $1 billion in products and 200,000 hours to causes each year. This includes assistance to help with problems like the Flint water crisis and the Zika and offering deeply reduced Google products to nonprofits. Google also supports growing business that improve life for those in need through seed funding for businesses and helps first responders and others working in disasters through Google Crisis Response.

Makes Virtual Reality Actual Reality

Through Google Cardboard, people can buy cheap cardboard handsets that work with your phone and special apps. If it sounds crazy to think that for $15 you can turn your phone into a virtual reality viewer, but you can. And if you think you’d be alone, rest assured that you’re not. Google announced recently that apps for Google Cardboard had been downloaded more than 50 million times.

Highlights Cultural Happenings Through Art

Google often reimagines its logo to commemorate big events, anniversaries or other important occurrences through the now famous Google Doodle. Google has an internal team that decides what the Doodles will be and artists who design or illustrate the Doodles. And they’re not all just images – they also feature interactive Doodles, like one of our favorites: 2014’s Rubik’s Cube. You can see all of the Google Doodles at its online Google Doodle Page.

Helps You Search For Images

Fine, this is a search engine function, but it’s a cool one. Google Image Searchers won’t be confined by words. Thought Google Image Search you can actually search by image to see where that image has been used online and which images are similar. This cool trick (fine, we learned about it watching MTV’s Catfish) can help you determine if an image has been republished on another site and how frequently it is used. Also, it’s just cool. To use, go to and select the camera option – you’ll be able to upload a picture, drop and drag a photo or search by photo URL.

Inspires Your Marketing Efforts

Google recognizes that it has a treasure trove of data about users. But without context and ideas, marketers and communicators can’t effectively use its data to support their work. That’s where comes in. The site provides not only “deck ready” stats, but also ideas and tips about how to harness the power of Google’s suite of features to bring your marketing to life. More than just a content blog, Think With Google offers creative inspiration for how to connect Things It Knows To Be True to Things Marketers Can Do.

Simplifies Google Search on Your iPhone

Google recently rolled out a mobile keyboard called Gboard that allows you to Google something directly from your keyboard in apps in iOS devices, like iPhones and iPads. This make life easier for mobile users who are constantly switching from one app to the next to look up information or share it with others. It’s just another way that Google is working to improve life for mobile search users, who make up most of its search traffic. And, yeah, you can search for gifs or by emoji. Download it from the App Store.

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