Unlock Your Content: Keys to Ensuring Successful Content Marketing

In a world where news is updated seemingly every hour or at least multiple times a day, it is becoming even more important to prove your relevance and expertise in order to stand out in the crowd. People want content that is fresh and are seeking sources that make updates regularly. But, multiple updates a day can seem like a lofty goal. How do you plan your content marketing strategy so that you and your business stay relevant in an increasingly more crowded field of information sources without dedicating all your resources and time to content management?  

Director of Major Accounts Services Rachel Totaro is tasked with answering these very questions for our national and international clients each day as they plan out their content marketing strategies. Here are some of the best practices she has developed with the Covalent team over the last several years of managing online newsrooms (and tens of thousands of press releases, photos and pages).

Process, Process, Process
Developing a content marketing plan requires forethought, strategy and timing. But, don’t worry! We’ve broken the process down to three easy steps to ensure a seamless execution.

70/20/10 breakdown
So, you’ve made your goals, you’ve planned an editorial calendar and you’ve started curating content. But, as you start to navigate the information waters, how do you pick and choose what content to include on your site? Lucky for you, we have a tried-and-tested breakdown that will ensure your content marketing success. 

Analytics and SEO and Navigation…oh my!
After you’ve developed and implemented a content marketing plan, it’s time to start measuring your success. The questions we most often receive with our online newsroom management center around how the site is performing and how we can increase engagement with users. We’ve outlined three easy ways to monitor and improve traffic across your online platform.

Planning, executing and evaluating your content marketing plan can feel like a burden. But, with a few easy steps and some strategic tactics, you’ll find your content’s ROI is worth all the effort you put in.

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