What Type of Type Are You?

Whether creating a corporate campaign or a Sweet Sixteen e-vite, there’s always a plethora of typefaces to tap into. And like any other art form, we know what we like – and what we most certainly do not. Unfortunately, there are times (much like the Faux Hawk or the RompHim) what we thought was hot was not, and we lived to regret it. So whether you lean more toward a Renoir “A Girl With A Watering Can” or a Coolidge “Dogs Playing Poker”, we offer an eclectic gallery of typefaces that are less than fontastic.

If Tarzan ever chose a font, this would be it.
Illegible? Don’t care. It’s got a deco, RKO studio thing going on that’s just plain cool. Remaking the sci-fi classic “X…the Unknown”? I got your font right here.
Whenever we hear the phrase “We’ve got a jumper” you know it’s not going to end well. Ditto here.
Remember the first time you formed words on an Etch-A-Sketch? There you go. Boxy and ambiguous, we have seen the future. And it is unreadable.
The final Font-ier? Quite possibly. Not sure how this typeface would play in a galaxy far, far away. Doesn’t matter. We can barely figure it out up close.
There’s whimsical, there’s horrible, and then there’s horribly whimsical. If you’re promoting a middle-school circus, fine. Otherwise this is just wrong.
Not only painful for Westerns, but for Western Civilization. It’s what would happen if your tattoo artist sneezed in mid-inking.
It was the first choice of the Third Reich. ‘Nuff said.
The Shia LaBeouf of typefaces. And so easy to trash, it’s comical. But the fact there’s a  website called made it necessary to put it on the list.

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