All Over The Board: The Very Best & Worst of Outdoor Advertising

The Best

A brilliant use of the medium. And if it makes one knucklehead think twice before following too closely, it will have done its job.
Created to promote the opening of Tarantino’s Kill Bill, this board is bloody awesome.
Nothing gets a car nut’s motor running like a smoke machine to illustrate a Mustang’s horsepower.
Cheap prices and cheap laughs? What more can you ask from your airline?
While it’s a little creepy seeing a mouth organ stretching across the road, this memorable campaign kept the Mars brand on the tip of everyone’s tongue.

The Worst

A Mexican restaurant getting edgy with their marketing is one thing. Getting edgy by referencing the worst mass cult suicide in modern history, quite another.
The rule of thumb for billboards is six words or less. Or, if you’re pushing camels, sixty.
Um…you do know what illiterate means, right?
I look forward to when the tree branches cover the entire board. Trust me.
The #1 best thing should be they’re getting someone new to handle their advertising. A Pubic Relations nightmare.

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