Not a Pretty Picture: A Look at the Weirdest, Most Overused Stock Photos


The Multicultural-Office-Employees-Doing-Something-Important: World peace? Possibly. Trying a little too hard? Probably. But with these many continents represented, how could any business deal go south?
The Attractive-Lady-With-Headset: “Hi, I’m Janet, how can I help you today?” Well Janet, you can start by telling your supervisor to use a photo that’s not so ridiculously hackneyed and cornball.
The Corporate-Team-Group-Leap: People don’t literally laugh all the way to the bank. They don’t literally jump for joy either. So why these kids from logistics are doing this…well, that’s their business.
The Big-Business-Handshake: The classic cliché. Nothing says success like two execs saying “put ‘er there, sport.” We’re begging you—never, ever use this image. Ever.
The Hospital-Staff-Crossing-Their-Arms: I’m in healthcare AND my arms are crossed, so obviously, I kick ass. Body language experts agree that this pose represents “insecurity or outright lying.” Just what everyone wants from their family practitioner.

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