Get Focused for 2018!

Covalent Logic welcomes Dan Windels to our team to focus on Brand Strategy through Market Research and Analysis. Dan has excelled as a senior-level brand strategist and market researcher at world-class agencies in Austin and Chicago, as well as teaching marketing and advertising courses at DePaul University. With his experience wielding in-depth research tools, Covalent Logic can now provide even more informed and insightful business solutions for all our clients, including:

Focus Group Research Design, Moderation & Reporting–If your biggest question is not “how many” but “why,” then a focus group may give you the answer. Focus groups reveal hidden drivers that shape human behavior, including awareness, decision-making cues and purchase behavior. We can leverage group interactions to better understand the attitudes, feelings and beliefs of participants and their relationships to a product, brand, service or issue. Focus groups can be conducted with as many as twelve participants or as few as two. Typically lasting from 45 minutes to 2 hours, we arrange the panel of participants, venue, moderation, and video/audio capture. After we’ve gathered the input and feedback, we’ll offer a complete report and recommended strategies to help your good decisions become great decisions.

Online Survey Design & Reporting–If you’re interested in measuring opinions quickly from a large quantity of participants, an online survey offers speed and flexibility to move forward informed and in sync. If focus groups help answer “the whys,” online surveys will help answer the “how many.” We leverage our expertise in survey design to develop customized questionnaires to address complex business challenges. We work closely with you throughout the survey design and reporting process to ensure that our statistical analysis provides actionable results that can be used to inform future decisions. Surveys will be fielded via the web, email or through a social media platform.

Brand Strategy & Development–When you are facing operational challenges and opportunities, an experienced perspective, insight and analysis can often be the key to decision making with confidence. Our research process builds a strategic messaging platform that’s desirable by customers, distinctive from your competitors, deliverable by your company and durable over time. With qualitative and quantitative research methods, we can explore deeply into your organization to find an authentic message or examine the competitive landscape to find the blue ocean opportunity. We synthesize this information and use it to help unearth a core truth about your business – something that is rooted in your DNA, something that you can both hang your hat on and shout from the mountain top. We’ll give you the knowledge, blueprint and tools to deliver this refined message in a way that reinforces your brand and helps drive future business.

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