How Orange Is Incorporated Into Corporate Branding

Few colors are as in your face as orange. And while many have a love/hate relationship with it, there is a method behind the madness in its marketing usage.

Like many colors, orange can strongly affect consumers’ choices, and depending on the shade, can evoke a wide range of mental and emotional responses.

Affordable: Research has shown that in addition to being a social and warm-hearted color, orange can also communicate something that’s active, productive and affordable, yet of a reasonable quality. Which is why to convey excellent customer service for those on a budget, companies such as Amazon, Home Depot and even Hooters have incorporated orange into their corporate branding.

Adventurous: Orange has been found to energize our senses, encourage discovery and bring out the risk-taker in us all. So, it was a natural choice as a company color for brands like Timberland, Harley-Davidson and Lufthansa Airlines.

Happy and Fun: It’s flamboyant and vibrant, which makes it a natural choice for brands like Nickelodeon, Burger King, Reese’s, Fanta and Firefox, who wish to exude brash self-confidence, over-the-top energy and just a darn good time.

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