There’s the Pass, and It’s Good!

After witnessing his mother suffer through early on-set dementia, Baton Rouge native and LSU grad Chris Cummings was inspired by the need (and, as it turns out the niche) to help others archive essential information. He saw the potential power of collecting and sharing rich histories and golden nuggets from anyone and anything with a story to tell.

From that need came Pass It Down. A concept so inspiring, it edged-out 43 other applicants to win the BREW 2019 High-Stakes National Pitch Competition netting Cummings a $100,000 grand prize, attracting investors from across the country and acquiring clients from Porsche to Coca-Cola.

A simple premise with complex capabilities, Pass It Down is an interactive and mobile experience, featuring multi-purpose “story maps” that beautifully display detailed context and amazing historical timelines, fully accessible from wherever you are with the touch of a screen.

Get the lowdown on Pass It Down

It’s not just an incredible story — but incredible ways to save your story and share it with the world.

By placing informative and engaging touchscreen displays in key areas, corporations and museums, institutions and foundations were given the ultimate portal to raise funds, build brands, celebrate milestones and relive their history through pictures and film.

Even as new information arrived, Pass It Down was designed to be prepared by allowing companies to create and update their interactive stories with the greatest of ease.

For Chris, providing the world with an invaluable way to save and share is a fitting legacy to his mother.

The world would concur. As one of his clients so aptly put it, “If you want to wow, here’s how.”

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