Exhibit Some Creativity: Optimal Options for Virtual Trade Shows

It’s been said that the translation of “crisis” in Chinese is two characters: one representing danger and the other representing opportunity. Though some linguists dispute this explication, it is an apt symbol to think about the coronavirus crisis. While it’s clear the pandemic was a crisis of unprecedented proportions for many industries, there are some silver linings for business we’d love to stick around.

One of the benefits we’ve enjoyed is the conferences and meetings gone virtual. What once was inconvenient and expensive to attend has become very affordable without travel expenses — and just another day at the remote office. Organizations hosting virtual meetings and conferences are enjoying larger-than-usual crowds and maximum capacity audiences.

Covalent Logic has had the opportunity to support several clients as they participated in a virtual trade show as a component of a 100% virtual meeting. Here are our top tips for maximizing your virtual trade show presentation, advancing your brand and generating leads for your business.

Still stumped or overwhelmed? Covalent Logic’s experience with these events is your resource. We can support you in developing an optimum trade booth with engaging video, visuals, assets and communication plans to make the most of your participation.

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