Found Art: The Ultimate Mixed Media

Just as Zydeco borrows liberally from many musical styles, found art borrows liberally from…whatever’s handy.

Whether intentional or out of necessity, the Found Art Movement has shunned traditional art implements for pretty much everything else (referring to it as junk is ok). Manhole cover, melted down whiskey bottle, nuts and bolts or castoff kitchen appliance are all fair game as creative accoutrement. And from these portraits of still life hacks comes not only a unique new category but an insistence that it be brought into the discussion of what is art.

We surveyed our Covalent crew (quite the mishmash of creative talents and tastes) for some favorite examples of Found Art. Their responses, much like the materials used, are all over the map.

L.H.O.O.Q. by Marcel Duchamp

The behind the scenes story on this piece would make anyone smile.

Journey Rocks by God and Sally Wood

For this collector her art brings inspiration and hope. Rock on!

Serious Elvis by J. Pitts

This somber depiction of royalty is a cherished part of his collection, thank you very much.

pro by Nicole McLaughlin

Fashionable and functional, this art would put a bounce in anyone’s step.

Nike Free Time Y2K by Gabriel Dishaw

Commissioned to create Nikes from circuit boards and buttons? Just do it.

The Artist’s Shit by Piero Manzoni

The absolute absurdity of “This is art because I say it is” is why he loves it.

Orangenwelt by Martin Roller

A refreshing spin on a classic theme, it’s creativity is appealing on a global scale.

‘the Unicorn of the Art World,’ by Maurizio Cattelan

Sold for $120,000, the aptly named “Comedian” had the artist laughing all the way to the bank.

An innovation in renovation, with haunting results.

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