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Stafford Wood Teaching Business Communications Master Class to Students at Revolution School, an Innovative High School in Philadelphia
Stafford Wood

BATON ROUGE, La.–When Covalent Logic President and Founder, Stafford Wood, APR, isn’t fearlessly guiding her seasoned, full-service creative agency team, she’s expanding education pathways for students through national mentorship offerings. Scholars at the Revolution School in Philadelphia are the latest mentees benefitting from her years of international marketing and public relations expertise. Wood is offering a two-week, summer camp-style master class series to all interested students. The Southern Public Relations Hall of Fame inductee will provide insight and effective navigation techniques for business communications and outreach, as well as social media platforms. Additional course topics include body language, networking, job hunting and making valuable connections. Live “linking,” executive interviews and published research reports will ensure students leave with business connections.

An Introduction to Revolution School

Revolution School is an innovative high school in Philadelphia that pushes students out of the classroom and into the real world, where they’re able to explore personal interests that push the bounds of stale curriculum. This methodology aligns with Wood’s innovative agency approach and she’s thrilled to engage with students. 

“I’ve made a career of helping business leaders present themselves and their ideas to their employees and customers and this mentorship gives me the opportunity to share that knowledge with America’s youth in a unique and innovative setting. I’m going to think of this course like a science lab. We’ll treat communications like a hard skill. The way it ought to be,” Wood said.

Philadelphia is home to more than a dozen Fortune 500 companies, centered as a hub for industries like finance, oil refining, food and beverage, and aviation. Local and national business leaders support Revolution School with their time, talent, treasure and team.


REVchat is an internship model created by a team of Revolution School graduates. It connects high school students with businesses to learn about various industries and occupations through online interviews. Using MIT's AI technology, REVchat interns create customized reports about workplace roles and culture. This initiative aims to bridge the gap between students and the future workforce.

If you feel so inclined … 

If you’d like to help provide transformational education to deserving students, consider giving to Revolution School at

To volunteer to be interviewed by a Rev School scholar, contact Stafford Wood at 225-205-0090 or

About Covalent Logic

Since 2005, Covalent Logic has focused on change management, organizational growth and transforming companies through clear and effective communications. At the intersection of graphic design, web development and corporate communications, the agency has developed public relations campaigns, led global media relations, virtualized business operations on the web, built company culture and created transformational branding campaigns from its headquarters in Baton Rouge and satellite offices in Houston and Austin. Learn more at

About Revolution School

At Revolution School we envision a different landscape for education in Philadelphia: one where students and teachers are inspired by each other, their world, and what matters. We’ve built an infrastructure that allows a truly place-based, humanistic, learner-centered school to thrive and grow. Learn more at

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