Obscure Holiday Calendar

We like to keep things fun around here, so along with the better-known holidays in January, like NYE and MLK Day, we've created a list of some silly holidays to help flesh out your content calendar!


1/2: Run It Up the Flagpole and See If Anyone Salutes Day 

1/4: Trivia Day: Test Your Knowledge of Obscure Facts 

1/7: National Old Rock Day: Celebrate Your Favorite Geology 

1/12: Feast of Fabulous Wild Men Day: A Tribute to Eccentricity 

1/18: Thesaurus Day: Enhance Your Vocabulary in a Wordy Way 

1/21: Squirrel Appreciation Day: Honor the Nutty Little Fellows 

1/24: Belly Laugh Day: Indulge in Laughter for Good Health 

1/27: Chocolate Cake Day: A Sweet Reason to Indulge 

1/30: Inane Answering Message Day: Leave Ridiculous Voicemail Greetings

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