Prep for Back-to-School with a Trip Down Memory Lane

From kindergarten to college, here are some Covalenteers just before they headed off to school!

Happy back-to-school (in three months) from our little scholars, to yours.

Here's a picture of me and my future wife in college the year that we met. (Don't judge.)

— Trae Russell, Vice President

I remember that my mom and dad both went back to LSU for a second degree and we would all do homework at the dining room table together. I was much, much older when I found out that other people's parents didn't go to school and do homework!

— Stafford Wood, Founder & President

I have always loved the color pink and kept a bow in my hair.  This was also around the time that I began drawing out of the Sunday newspaper funnies.

— Jade Newell, Graphic Designer

Here is my slick daddy perm photo from sixth-grade. I was my at-home beautician mother's test subject for most of those years. In those days I was a breakdancing fanatic with my own rolled up linoleum sheet that could be used at any moment for a breakdance battle.

— Trent Oubre, Graphic Designer

I was six-years-old here, first-grade probably. I remember we would go to Fun Fair Park or my cousin's house during the summertime to play. Since I was the oldest girl I was always showing my younger sisters and cousins how cool and grown up I was by doing stuff like holding this duck even though I was probably legit terrified.

— Amy LeJeune, Senior Website Project Manager

I mainly remember being excited about the monogrammed backpack, and I don’t think I loved my shoes.

— Theresa Stewart, Account Manager

I remember getting giant Pixie Sticks (approx. 2 feet long) from our teacher, being a committed gamer to my SpongeBob Game Boy and a devoted mother to my many stuffed animals.

— Lexi Reese, Account Manager

First day of school ... wasn't feeling it. I really haven't changed since then – I still have the same style.

— James Thyraththongsay, Content Team Manager

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