Why We Create

Original artwork by Stafford Wood

Covalenteers are a creative bunch. If you’re reading this, we’ve likely created something for you. But what we’ve found, collectively, is that while creation for others is certainly fulfilling, creation for self is fueling. It’s the stuff that recharges us so that we can continue making, sketching, writing, designing and doing for our clients. So what do we do…for us? I’ve taken up painting and combined it with my longtime love for the written word. You can see how I scratch the itch here, if you’re so inclined. But I’m not the only hobby-creator at Covalent Logic. Not even close.

Original artwork by Stacey Vincent

Our interactive director, Stacey, enjoys portrait illustration, photography, jewelry making, self defense and Jiu Jitsu. You might be wondering where she finds the time and motivation for such an abundance of hobbies, in addition to working and mothering? She says her goal in life is to stay in motion, to never become a stagnant human being. Creation helps her move, and therefore grow.

Original artwork by Ella Bereziuk

Or take it from Ella, our design intern, who practices guitar and yoga in her freetime. Taking a page out of Stacey’s playbook, Ella has no cap on her creative endeavors. She also thrift-flips and even does 3D art and animation. She says her why is to continually challenge her abilities and  exceed her own expectations of herself. She certainly exceeds ours.

Maybe you’re more like Courtney, one of our account managers, who finds joy in the simple pleasure of baking. Unsurprisingly, with a chocolate chip cookie recipe so obviously delectable, her reason for this form of creation are her two children.

Cody, our wordpress and SEO Specialist/Production Assistant finds his creativity through practicing his mixed martial arts of choice, Krav Maga. This practice pulls techniques from a variety of martial arts, a Muay Thai technique being his favorite.

Amy, our website project manager, believes that one can never have too many side hustles or hobbies. She gets creative when making playlists and writing workouts for teaching her weekly Barre classes.

Creativity is often only assigned to what people view as traditionally “artistic”…but we refuse to put creativity into such a box. Unless of course, we designed the box ourselves.

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