Brand Management Strategy Planning

Creating issue or event-specific plans to help a company, brand or organization ensure clear messaging that meets its overall long-term communication goals.

Brand Audit Evaluation

Assessing, cataloging and identifying successful brand attributes, messaging, color schemes and imagery in order to develop new materials or reduce inconsistency within a company’s image.

Competitive Audit Researching

Identifying and assessing visual assets of competitors to develop a strategic visual advantage, useful during transitions and new product development.

Logo Design

Developing visual identity through illustration and iconography used to represent a brand, company or product combined with the typography, color and layout that represent it in various combinations of content and usage case.

Messaging Development Strategy/Execution

Writing statements and choosing key terminology used as mission statements, vision statements, corporate attributes, taglines or other messaging. Can include drafting press releases, talking points, Web posts, FAQs and fact sheets to help illuminate the message.

Brand Standards Identity Establishment

Developing standards for how images, logos, taglines and other brand attributes are used in different scenarios to ensure consistency and protect the brand’s image and reputation.

Signage Brand Application

Planning, designing and producing outdoor, indoor, wayfinding (pedestrian and vehicular) and point of purchase signage.