Careers at Covalent Logic

Company Culture

Culture is hard to define. But when it’s there, you can feel it.

Since our inception, we’ve pursued those who got it. And held tight to those who wanted to be a part of it.

We love surrounding ourselves with optimists, realists, thinkers, dreamers, outside-the-boxers, thirsty-to-learners, team players, self-starters, the cool, the fun, the driven, the best.

And this assemblage gives us the competitive edge to do great things for our clients, and to make working here a fun and rewarding experience.

The Benefits of Being Covalent

Perks. Fringe Benefits. Lagniappe.

Call it what you will, we’re big believers in making sure our team is covered, content and compensated, with good stuff like:

If you want to work here, we get it.

We run together, read together, play kickball and disc golf together. We speak different languages (and yes HTML and Javascript count). We’re jetsetters and trendsetters. We laugh, we cry, we share—and not just on social media channels. There’s no shame in saying we form an amazing group of smart, talented, fun people. If you want in, we want to know.

Of course, it’s possible that you aren’t actively looking for a job right this red hot minute, but you’re interested in discussing business opportunities, or you see yourself merging with, consulting for, or building the Covalent team. Feel free to send a completely confidential proposal, résumé, idea or other message to Grace Ann Ourso at