Cicero Insider


Company-wide boring corporate memos are often unread and a waste of time. Rarely is information necessary for every single employee in a large corporation, yet we seem to over-send memos in hopes of leaving no one left out. Our Cicero Insider solves the problem of irrelevant, duplicative email by treating company news like a consumer news portal.

Password-protected access for confidential information delivered to your employees like a traditional intranet, but unlike off-the-shelf solutions that lock you into user licenses, installing software and providing technical support per employee, our Insider solution requires virtually no IT support from your team. Each employee can use single sign-on (SSO) with their current company user name and password, or it can be established inside our system. From there content is distributed based on their role, geographic location, division or level of access on an incremental basis. We can send alerts via email or aggregate their bespoke content into a weekly email with only the content that will help them stay informed and perform better. The system allows for multiple authors at the company, and customized workflow, so we develop for your culture, instead of changing your company to work with our software. Accountability is built-in with a transparent and easily understandable performance score, so each employee knows when they’ve read 100% of the information they need to do their job.