Cicero Licensing


Regulatory boards that provide credentialing and certifications have special needs for databasing, ecommerce, online testing, complaint procedures and Board review of licensees and authorized educational institutions. In addition to providing a platform for the public information section of the website – details about the Board, its staff and management procedures, the Cicero Licensing System offers tools that enable:

  • License application that only permits the submission of completed applications or saves a draft so visitors can update later. The system auto-generates subsequent license numbers for identifying/filing and accepts credit card payments and payments by check/routing number
  • Licensees can also process renewals based on appropriate dates, request duplicate licenses and receive written verification of license status
  • Users to search for licensees, mailing list requests and access to a complaint form
  • Board staff can manage key licensee information, reporting and auditing

Licensees can accomplish tasks virtually, instead of on-paper with unique credential authentication:

  • Renew license and pay online
  • Update contact information
  • View and edit license information
  • Request a duplicate license

Board staff can administer the whole system through a custom dashboard allowing:

  • Ability to log-in as any individual licensee and manage their account for them
  • View licensee profiles (courses completed, application, etc.)
  • Include notes on licensee profiles
  • Query and build reports

Cicero Licensing replaces your endless array of Excel spreadsheets, phone calls to check credentials and streamlines audit systems with:

  • Data on licensees is searchable and filterable on the front-end of the website by the public.
  • System administrators are able to query on any available information in the database, as well as download data in a .csv format.
  • Regular reporting required by board management procedures and law will be custom developed for the administrator dashboard.