Cicero Newsroom


Traditional media and digital journalists have bespoke needs from today’s corporation. Companies need an accelerated way to distribute information and assets to this unique audience. Cicero Newsroom creates 24-hour/7 media management tools through a newsroom website and was one of the first comprehensive online resources created exclusively for media. These sites, at a minimum, provide continually updated brand news, photo galleries, b-roll, logo assets and press releases.

Your Newsroom will offer timely, efficient and inquiry-tracking workflows accommodating media professionals seeking information about your company. A more innovative and easy-to-navigate site provides your global network of product and service divisions the ability and autonomy to promote their areas, while supporting the larger brand story.

It simplifies news gathering for media by providing an easy to navigate site and a definitive guide to your brand by offering:

  • Front page news carousel
  • Content in more than 50 global languages
  • Integrated geo-mapping to easily connect users to current brand assets and planned assets in development through an interactive map
  • News categorized by topic, region and category
  • Dedicated profile pages that contains multiple press releases and photo galleries
  • Brand fact sheet, awards, history, spokesperson “Thought Leaders” section and logos
  • Newsroom photo galleries and videos
  • Media inquiry request submission forms for media to easily connect with the brands and company through distributed workflow
  • Social media integration to share information through Facebook, Twitter and other social sites
  • Newsletter sign-up form to directly receive brand and company news as it’s released or in weekly or monthly digests
  • User friendly employee forms allow your employees to identify errors and omissions in real-time

Cicero Newsroom builds a destination for journalists looking to connect with your company and makes your media management process seamlessly integrated with your communications team.